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Dr. Tim Worden

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Tim Worden, Ph.D., PSY19475
Licensed Psychologist
Certified Life Coach
Over the past 25 years, as a neurologically-informed psychologist, Dr. Tim Worden has developed a unique psychotherapeutic approach which integrates emotional-motivational factors into the traditional insight oriented psychotherapies.  This therapeutic approach, combined with his advanced training in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), focuses on rapid change on a deep emotional level.   Dr. Worden has utilized this psychotherapeutic approach with Couples and Families, as well as specializing in the areas of Addictions, Eating Disorders, and Health Psychology issues.  Dr. Worden has presented workshops throughout the country and abroad, and has co-authored several articles on anger, anxiety and health. He has developed and copyrighted the Life Satisfaction Questionnaire© and the Life Plan© which are geared towards creating a deep sense of life satisfaction. Dr. Worden received his doctorate from the University of South Florida and his Undergraduate Degree from the University of California at Santa Barbara


Dr. Laureen Worden

Laureen Worden, Ph.D., PSY19614
Licensed Psychologist
M.S. Speech Language Pathology
As a licensed Psychologist, Dr. Laureen Worden has specialized over the past 20 years in the treatment of disorders of Emotional Dysregulation combining her specialties in Speech and Language, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Emotionally Focused Therapy, Collaborative Problem Solving and Mindfulness to her work with Addictions, Eating Disorders, emotional explosiveness, relational conflict and trauma. Dr. Worden has spent a significant portion of her professional life focused on helping children, adolescents and families as they strive to cope with their child’s developmental challenges. Dr. Worden has assumed leadership roles at residential treatment facilities for children, adolescents and adults, and has been a lead trainer and clinical supervisor at an APA approved internship program, teaching and training therapists.  Dr. Worden received a BA from McGill University, an MS in Speech-Language Pathology from the University of South Florida, and an MS and Ph.D. in Psychology from the University of Oregon.


Dr. Bill Forisha

Bill Forisha, Ph.D. LP (MN), LMFT (WA)
Clinical Member and Approved Supervisor, AAMFT
Professor Emeritus, Antioch University

Dr. Forisha holds B.A. and M.A. degrees in history from the University of Texas and San Francisco State University and a Ph.D. in Human Development from the University of Maryland. From 1976 to 1978, he studied Transactional Analysis and Gestalt Therapy at the Huron Valley Institute in Ann Arbor, Michigan. In l979, he completed his internship in MFT at the California Family Study Center in Burbank, CA. In l985, he completed an internship in Clinical Supervision of MFT at Purdue University. In 2008, he received the “Teacher of the Year Award” from the Washington Association for Marriage and Family Therapy. He has published three books, articles, and book chapters in the interrelated fields of educational and developmental psychology and family therapy. He has also given in-depth training workshops in both this country and several others, including Guatemala, Peru, India, and Russia. Dr. Forisha is a Licensed Psychologist (Minnesota) and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (Washington). He is also a Clinical Member and Approved Supervisor of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy. Currently, Dr. Forisha serves as Chair of the Doctoral Program in Family Therapy (DMFT) at Argosy University in Minneapolis and maintains a private practice in couples’ therapy in Malibu, CA.


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